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Tree Pruning

Keeping your trees well maintained certainly adds to the beauty and value of your property, but is essential to the health of your tree. By cutting away dead limbs and branches this allows the tree to thrive by more efficiently nourishing the remaining branches and allowing more light and air circulation throughout the canopy. 
Safety is another reason for pruning your trees. With weak, dead or dying branches there is always a heightened risk that they will break off unexpectedly, especially in inclement weather. Removing dead branches and reducing weight off of live branches can preventively save you from more costly situations like property damage, insurance claims or having to get the whole tree removed in the future due to tree failure.

Cabling & Bracing

Sometimes in addition to pruning, placing a dynamic cable system into the canopy can prevent branch or tree failure in inclement weather. Large, multi-stem trees are especially susceptible to splitting in storms with added water weight and/or high winds. Strategically placing a cable system between major limbs can help the tree withstand the added strain and preserve the integrity of the tree.

Stump Grinding

We offer stump grinding which can allow you to replant another tree or seed for grass, improving the aesthetic of your property. We can tackle any size stump from small to large - mulching the wood to small chips without causing damage to your surrounding landscape. Let us handle the hassle and cleanup so you don't have to.

While we prefer removal to be a final resort, there are several occasions where it is necessary. Signs a tree might be declining in health and should be evaluated for removal are visible signs of fungus or disease growing along the roots or trunk, a lean that gets worse over time, signs of rot or hollowing, or if 50% or more of large limbs on the tree are dead. Other reasons for removing a tree are if its roots are growing near the main sewage line, or if there are signs that the root system is compromising the foundation of a home or structure.

At Eisenhower Tree we understand that trees add value to your property and the environment. We are not eager to remove trees unless it is truly in the owners best interest. Oftentimes removal can be avoided using some of our other services such as bracing and cabling and disease treatments. 

Eisenhower Tree is equipped to handle anything from small removals to large and difficult jobs involving cranes and aerial lifts. We are licensed and insured, and have a great track record of protecting our clients’ properties.

Organic Fertilization

If the foliage on your tree is yellow and lackluster it could be lacking nitrogen or essential nutrients. Consider doing an organic deep root fertilization or a nitrogen treatment which will improve the health and appearance of your trees the next growing season. Some benefits of tree fertilization are rapid growth, quicker recovery from injury, more vibrant foliage, and overall improved health.

Storm Damage &

Emergency Services

During storms and inclement weather Eisenhower Tree is on call to assist during emergency tree situations. We are familiar and able to work with insurance companies (if a claim is involved) to ensure a smooth process. 


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